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News 2017

14 February 2017
With an unwavering devotion to nature, Swamp Thing rises from his home to join the ranks of Injustice 2. Originating from DC’s Vertigo comics, Alec Holland suffered a violent death in a swamp while covered in a formula of his own creation, and bestowed his consciousness upon the surrounding plant life. His consciousness would later rise in the form of the elemental Swamp Thing and devote his existence to Protecting “The Green.”

Often regarded as coming from one of the darker branches of the DC Universe, Swamp Thing has fought both alongside and against the likes of Batman, Superman and Constantine. Regarded as one of the most powerful heroes in the DC Universe and even having defeated Superman in the past, Swamp Thing is capable of controlling plant life, creating duplicates of himself, growing in size and even flight. We look forward to seeing how many of his incredible powers are implemented into Injustice 2!

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