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14 September 2009
It was sixteen years ago that Mortal Kombat was officially released onto home consoles. Many families rushed off to their local department stores to purchase what was considered one of the most violent and controversial games of its time. Children laughed as they made Johnny Cage perform the splits and punch his opponent in the groin, while others cringed at the sight of Sub-Zero’s Head Rip Fatality. Mothers yelled at their children to keep their voices down as they shouted “Get Over Here!” from their rooms, imitating the great Scorpion. Ahhh, the good ol’ days.

Thanks to the release of Mortal Kombat onto consoles, we as avid gamers have been fortunate enough to experience amazing realms like Edenia and Outworld. We’ve had the opportunity to play as both Shao Kahn and Goro. We’ve been able to Test Our Might...and Our Sight. But the best part of it all? We’ve had the privilege of playing Mortal Kombat, a game we love, from the comfort of our own homes.

Today we celebrate Mortal Kombat Appreciation Day, an annual event devised to give thanks for a franchise that means the world to us. So many amazing people from around the world have gathered here at Kamidogu to discuss anything and everything concerning Mortal Kombat. We are all very fortunate to have found a mutual admiration for an amazing franchise that has evolved in ways beyond imaginable for almost twenty years.

First and foremost we are proud to announce that we have had the privilege of conducting an interview with none other than Richard Divizio, the legend who portrayed Kano, Baraka, Quan Chi and Kabal in the earlier Mortal Kombat titles. We would like to personally thank Rich for his generosity in kindly giving up some of his time to celebrate this momentous occasion with us.

In addition to this interview, we have been hard at work on a few small updates for the site. One highly requested feature has been for more site themes, and so today sees the introduction of seven new characters to quench your bloodlust. Reminiscent of a classic Mortal Kombat character select screen, these new themes are locked, and must be purchased using the koins you have earned from posting in our forums.

You will also find a new poll to vote in, as well as a new Mortal Kombat quiz in which our members can partake in to earn koin rewards.

So please join us as we celebrate an important day in Mortal Kombat history, for if this franchise was not born years ago we would not be gathered here amongst friends with a shared passion. Today is a celebration, so let’s share our Mortal Kombat stories.

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