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With Christmas fast approaching, NetherRealm Studios today presented the final instalment of episode two of their popular MKast, featuring hosts Hector Sanchez and Hans Lo alongside John Edwards, Paulo Garcia and Brian LeBaron.

As reported earlier by our friends over at TRMK, news had recently surfaced that EA Mobile were working on an iOS port of the highly popular arcade classic Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.

After the shock announcement that Kratos would feature in the PlayStation 3 version of Mortal Kombat (2011) at the Spike TV Video Game Awards, NetherRealm Studios have today released an extended trailer showing the God of War protagonist in his epic battle against Scorpion.

After a week of high tension within the Mortal Kombat kommunity, today’s debut of a new trailer at Spike TV’s Video Game Awards put all conjecture to rest: Kratos is confirmed for Mortal Kombat (2011).

In order to properly celebrate our fifth birthday and our recently released iOS app, Kamidogu is holding a contest named Karve Your Destiny in which we are aiming to find the world’s craziest most hardcore Mortal Kombat fan.

NetherRealm Studios have today released the long awaited third instalment of the MKast Episode 2, in which John Edwards, Paulo Garcia, Hector Sanchez and Hans Lo continue to answer a number of questions from fans around the globe.

It was on this day five years ago that an idea became reality. The initial concept of Kamidogu began with its two founders Christopher Veljanovski and Brad Askew, but by the time the site was launched the latter had already abandoned the project.

Today we are proud to announce the simultaneous worldwide release of our official iOS app, aptly titled Kamidogu.

To celebrate this week’s Mortal Monday, NetherRealm Studios have released a new video titled What Would You Do With Sub-Zero’s Freeze? In the clip a number of team members describe what they would do with the Lin Kuei ninja’s ability, including John Vogel and Dan Forden.

Initially exclusive to gaming site IGN, NetherRealm Studios have unleashed a new gameplay trailer, put together in a similar fashion to the Scorpion montage released a few weeks back.Today, Warner Bros.