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8 December 2011
Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection was this morning released in Australia and other European territories on both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. The title was delayed for the remainder of the globe after a number of issues were found in the US release, including lag when playing online and problems with sound to only name a few.

Whispers have been circulating for some time about a potential patch for the release, and with the help of our friends over at TRMK we can confirm that the version released only hours ago contains fixes for a number of these issues. No word on when the US version will be updated, but we’d say extremely soon.

Below is a list of changes made to v1.02, compiled by Patrick McCarron:

• New Video Display option “Stretch” that fills a HDTV

• Audio glitches like MKII’s attract mode, Scorpion’s Voice, etc. now sound proper

• Online has player names on each side of the screen in the selection, loading screens and during games

• Online is MUCH improved; immediately feels different, no more like you are playing in molasses

• Unpausing the game no longer leaves you unable to move for a few seconds

• You can use UKKs in UMK3 online now

• UMK3 has all characters unlocked by default when playing online

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