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8 July 2012
The Mortal Kombat competitive scene is still alive and well. After making its debut at last year’s EVO Championship in Las Vegas, the popular fighting game has returned again in 2012 for a second showing, bringing in big crowds and plenty of hype.

This year, four of the best players from the United States, including 2011 champion Perfect Legend took on four of the top players from the United Kingdom in a special exhibition to kick off the Mortal Kombat portion of the legendary tournament. Though the US won in a 31 to 17 upset, the matches did not come without their fair share of excitement. The Condiment Twins (a pair of brothers from the UK) delighted with their expert handling of Cyrax and Sektor respectively. The character of the day seemed to be Kabal, leading many to believe that he may be the new face of high-level play. Another favourite character of the pros, Kung Lao, was also seen in play numerous times.

Among the enthusiastic spectators were NetherRealm Studios’ own Ed Boon, Hector Sanchez and Brian LeBaron, all standing on the sidelines enjoying the matches, interacting with fans, and promoting their latest project, Injustice: Gods Among Us.

After hours of intense and often exhausting matches, the top eight Mortal Kombat finalists at this year’s EVO Championship were determined. Following the shocking eliminations of fan favourites REO and DetroitBallin, this has proven to be an unpredictable tournament so far. Reigning champ Perfect Legend has progressed to the top eight in the winners’ bracket but this could be anyone’s game. Players to definitely keep an eye on as we move closer to the grand final are the tactical xBlades, the hype-generating FOREVER KING and kommunity favourite Pig of the Hut. Can Perfect Legend hold on to his title or will we see another massive upset? Stay tuned to Kamidogu for additional updates concerning the magic, the upsets, and the hype of EVO 2012!