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30 August 2016
After the positive reception my gender-bent Kotal Kahn cosplay has received from all over the Internet it was only fitting that I post a makeup tutorial detailing my transformation into the Osh-Tekk warrior. Although I have been cosplaying for a little while now, I am enjoying the learning and experience that comes with it.

The biggest challenge overall would have been the headdress. It was hard to figure out the exact shape of my head, so I used a mannequin’s head as a model. It took a lot of cutting and reshaping to get it right.

I cosplay because it allows me to show my love for video games, especially those that have given me an unforgettable experience. I love cosplaying, it lets me transform into something or someone different.

I am endlessly inspired by those in the community and especially by the children. Seeing the reactions on their faces when they see you for the first time at a convention or event.

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