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3 April 2017
In 2015, Mortal Kombat X was coming out, and I had an idea. It turns out that a great deal of MK fans had the same ideas. This is where things began to gestate.

I won’t plague you with sitting through paragraphs of endless nights and blueprints, because that isn’t what this is. We are all cut from the same brutal cloth, and that’s one soaked in blood. We all grew up with Mortal Kombat to some degree, and that’s why we are here. Everytime you played a game, whether it be on an arcade cabinet or on a console, the love is the same. We all interacted, and we all sunk in the quick sand that is Mortal Kombat. I am no different, and neither is our team. We had all been part of the phenomena that was Mortal Kombat in the 90s.

In 2015, I spammed Mortal Kombat’s Twitter personalities, trying to pull any information I could about print media relating to the game. I asked about artbooks, strategy guides, comic books, and related publications. A majority of that ended with nothing to go on, besides the fact that Rigo Cortes literally told us that if we wanted an art book that we needed to have a printing company come to NRS and ask (something we did, by the way). We went beyond that and reached out to the ever-approachable Shawn Kittelsen. Shawn was the time writing the Mortal Kombat X comic series. This was the beginning of our journey.

I had many, many conversations with Shawn. Each and every single one of them has left me all the wiser and with another option. I cannot say enough good things about Shawn Kittelsen. Every time we spoke, I had hit a roadblock and he gave me a detour. I was eternally thankful for his wisdom of the other side of the business. I digress, however and when I asked him about this type of idea he said to get their attention with numbers. I mentioned a petition (because those Tremor fanatics were damn near famous at that point, so why not?) and he said “Yeah!” So we created the petition.

It wasn’t something I really fleshed out at first, because I was alone. I pitched the idea on MK forums until I was joined by Tommy Gagnon, who latched on, and before long I had also had Anthony Wenc, Tony Santoro, and Justin Deering (Tabmok99) constructing something that every Mortal Kombat fan deserved. We started fleshing things out – and that really started things out. We hope you’ll continue to follow us on the journey, because we have so many more things to share.

If you’d like, we also have an interview discussing our project here:

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