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Initial work on Kamidogu began in August of 2005, when the site began its conception on a notepad. Soon thereafter it was slowly built from the ground up by its founder and sole staff member at the time, Christopher Veljanovski. Fans had access to a vast wealth of Mortal Kombat information, though it was spread over a number of sites. The eventual goal of the site was to provide fans with the most complete and informative resources in the one place. The site was later renamed Mortal Kombat Blackout and given an entirely new layout in June 2008, but was reverted back to its original name in September 2009.

Mortal Kombat stunned the milieu of video gaming in 1992, when gamers all over the world got their first taste of it in arcades. With its alluring graphics made up of digitised actors and gruesome nature, there was no doubt that Mortal Kombat would take arcades by storm. One of its co-creators, Ed Boon, has remained with the series for its entire existence, which has seen more than twelve sequels and has even been made into motion pictures and television shows. Two decades later, Mortal Kombat and the studio that brought it to us, Chicago-based NetherRealm Studios, are as strong as ever. While originally founded as a Mortal Kombat site, the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us in 2013 has influenced the site’s evolution into one now based on the studio itself.

First opening its doors in December of 2005, Kamidogu began with very little content. Since then, it has amassed into one of the Internet’s richest NetherRealm Studios resources, with comprehensive in-depth strategy guides, exclusive content, high profile interviews with the likes of Steve Beran, Hector Sanchez, Ed Boon and Richard Divizio, and a kommunity fan base that grows daily.

In 2010 Kamidogu extended its reach by releasing a dedicated app for iOS, allowing those on the move to access an optimised version of the site’s resources from their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. A couple of years later the app was discontinued with a vision to support a wider range of devices in the future. Kamidogu’s YouTube channel has also attained partnership status in collaboration with Machinima due to our unwavering dedication to the greater NetherRealm Studios kommunity.

2016 saw the overhaul of Kamidogu’s strategy, with a completely revamped mobile-friendly web site and an increased social presence. It is our hope that Kamidogu continues to flourish as one of the Internet’s premier NetherRealm Studios resources.

With the continued support of members of our kommunity, we will strive to bring you the latest and greatest information, and supply you with the best coverage of what brought us all together in the first place.

Special Thanks

Joe Strianese, Jamie Dull, Patrick McCarron, Ann-Maree Hickman, Tahiri Jordan Craig, Paul Kerry, Aaron Hobbs, Markus Anstey, Christopher Afflick, Luke Cunningham and Matthew Cox.