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Following a long hiatus NetherRealm Studios have unveiled an epic trailer showcasing returning kombatants Kung Lao and Kitana.
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2Suspense continues to grow as Kombat fans look forward to not one but two character reveals and videos from NetherRealm Studi...
25 January 2015 by Christopher Veljanovski
1It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Darren Shahlavi, well known by the community for his role as Kano in Mortal Ko...
21 January 2015 by Thomas Stockley
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Mortal Kombat X Gameplay Trailer Reveals Kitana 1
NetherRealm Studios have just released a new gameplay trailer for Mortal Kombat X, showcasing the still expanding roster and announcing the return of princess Kitana. This isnít the first time a charact...
15 January 2015 by Thomas Stockley
Mortal Kombat X Comic Issue #1: Blood Ties 2
DC Comics have released the debut issue of their highly anticipated weekly Mortal Kombat X comic series. Subtitled Blood Ties ó Chapter One: Prelude, the story begins in the Himalayan wilderness with Kensh...
08 January 2015 by Christopher Veljanovski
Kung Lao + Challenge Tower to Return in MKX 1
Finnish gaming magazine Pelaaja have published an article revealing that fan favourite Kung Lao is set to join the Mortal Kombat X roster. Perishing at the hands of Outworld Emperor Shao Kahn during the ev...
01 January 2015 by Christopher Veljanovski
Kamidogu Set to Feature in Mortal Kombat X Plot 2
Pop culture website Newsarama have posted a number of DC Comics solicitations from their February 2015 release schedule, including the upcoming series based on Mortal Kombat X. From the article: In issue...
23 November 2014 by Christopher Veljanovski
Mortal Kombat X Live Stream Event Set For November 5 2
NetherRealm Studios are set to host a live stream from their base in Chicago this coming Wednesday with the aim of answering fan-submitted questions whilst showing off some fresh Mortal Kombat X gameplay.
04 November 2014 by Christopher Veljanovski
DC Comics Announce Mortal Kombat X Comic Series 9
DC Comics have used New York Comic Con (the largest pop culture event on North Americaís east coast) as a platform to announce a brand new comic series based on Mortal Kombat X. Set for a digital-first re...
13 October 2014 by Christopher Veljanovski
Mortal Kombat X Hands-On at EB Expo 2014 2
October 3-5 saw the return of Australiaís largest annual gaming spectacle, with exhibitors, enthusiasts and cosplayers alike briskly congregating at the Sydney Showground in Sydney Olympic Park. Now in it...
08 October 2014 by Christopher Veljanovski
Quan Chi Joins Mortal Kombat X Roster 18
Following 24 hours of kryptic tweets from series co-creator Ed Boon, NetherRealm Studios have officially announced the inclusion of NetherRealm sorcerer Quan Chi in Mortal Kombat X. Riding into battle a...
03 October 2014 by Christopher Veljanovski
Kosplay Krypt
2ITíS (finally) HERE! The very first ďKosplay Kollection.Ē What better way to kick off the segment than to feature some absolu...
02 December 2014 by Bethany Maddock
3Hello kombatants! Iím Lana Marie aka LanaCosplay. Iím excited to join you all and be part of the Kamidogu team as a Kosplay A...
22 October 2014 by Lana Marie
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New Kombatant Enters the Krypt 3
Hey guys! My name is Yeliz, I am from Melbourne, Australia. Iím sure most of us nerds/geeks know of cosplay.
20 October 2014 by Yeliz Akyildiz
Welcome To The Kosplay Krypt 5
Cosplay is something that many people in the nerd realm know a lot about. But for the sake of my very first (of many Iím hoping) posts about cosplay on Kamidogu, let me introduce the term in a bit more det...
26 September 2014 by Bethany Maddock
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