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20 May 2018
You may remember talk some years ago regarding a Mortal Kombat encyclopedia project, dubbed by many as the “Kombatpedia.” As momentum gathered and interest grew, the team behind the project increased their dedication, pouring endless hours of blood, sweat and tears into what is known today as the “Mortal Kombat: Book of Souls.”


Available online for a limited time as a digital e-book, its umpteen pages are filled with a plethora of images and information which is sure to satisfy new and old fans alike. Included are pages covering every title in the franchise, in-depth kombatant breakdowns and detailed arena descriptions just to name a few.

The team’s end goal has always been to service the franchise’s die-hard fanbase. While their lust to have the book go to print has been rejected by NetherRealm Studios’ parent company, it is our hope that the limited-time release of this e-book shows just how incredible this project has become, and how well it could sell if it were ever sent to print.

With over 10,000 signatures garnered the team’s petition is beginning to gain momentum. If you haven’t already, please sign the petition and continue to support the team over on their Facebook page.